September 8, 2023
Banking International

Al Maryah Community Bank Extends Its Smart Banking Intersection In Abu Dhabi

Al Maryah Community Bank declared openly the beginning of its recent technologically-advanced smart intersection for banking assistance at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company office, offering its consumers an outstanding, incorporated banking knowledge and facilitating the transactions.

The smart hub is readied with artificial intelligence technology to propose consumers a broad collection of smart assistance comprising the unique and undivided assistance of the completely digital subscription on the Initial Public Offering instant cash residues, cheque deposits, and ATM assistance.

At the site is a Multi Functions Kiosk that publishes cheque texts and debit cards within minutes, furnishing consumers with fast and comfortable admission to a mixture of banking services that cater to their needs. In addition, there is a dedicated customer service team available on-site to happily help consumers with their questions and enable them with their economic proposals.

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