September 14, 2023
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2022 Guardian tech reviews: more durable and easy to fix gadgets

Technology takes a backseat in 2022 due to constraints on our money, comfort, and climate. But as major tech companies begin to pay attention to consumer requests for better, more durable, and environmentally friendly gadgets, change is gradually taking place for the better.

The greatest choice for the environment and your budget is to make sure that devices are used for as long as feasible. According to statistics from CCS Insight, people keep their phones for an average of 4.2 years, making access to reasonable and efficient repair solutions essential.
This year, Apple took a surprising step in the right way. The revolutionary internal design of the iPhone 14 allows it to be opened from either the screen or the backside, despite the fact that its outside resembled prior generations exactly. Because of this, simple fixes like replacing a battery or broken rear glass are now quicker, simpler, and less expensive.

In December, Apple also extended its DIY repair service to the UK and Europe. Although disassembling an iPhone or Mac is not advised for beginners, it does give technicians better access to genuine replacement components and repair manuals. There is still work to be done because Apple continues to use digital lockdowns to prevent unauthorised repairs.

Since plugged-in gadgets frequently employ the same chips and technologies as portable devices, the desire to increase battery life of those devices has also had an impact on how efficiently they operate.
It is now possible to use less expensive, low-power chips to carry out tasks that once required demanding, power-hungry processors. This often indicates that more recent technology is more cost- and energy-effective. When watching television, Sky’s new satellite-free Stream TV box uses only a third of the electricity of its satellite-fed Sky Q box.

Although the hardware may be capable of lasting longer, the phone should not be used beyond August 2026 due to potential security issues. Unfortunately, the company only supports the 10T with four years of Android upgrades from release.

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