March 27, 2023
International Technology

ADNOC Distribution Launches AI-Powered Fuel Stations for Personalized Service

ADNOC Distribution, a prominent fuel company in the UAE, has introduced three AI-powered fuel stations called ADNOC Fill & GO in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These fuel stations feature computer vision and machine learning technology, enabling them to remember vehicles and provide personalized fuel services.

Motorists can register their vehicles on the ADNOC Distribution app and visit these fuel stations, where cameras will identify their vehicles. Based on the preferred fuel type and quantity, the saved customer data will automatically initiate the refueling process.

Following refueling, customers will be presented with exclusive offers for ADNOC Oasis stores on the fuel station’s digital display screen. ADNOC Fill & GO is currently available on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, as well as Corniche Road and Al Khalidiya in Abu Dhabi.

According to CEO Badar Saeed Al Lamki, ADNOC Fill & Go reflects the company’s vision of adopting innovative technologies to enhance the fueling experience. The fuel company aims to expand this service throughout the UAE soon.

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