September 7, 2023
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AI Recreates Picture Of Mirza Ghalib In His Youth

AI Recreates Picture of Mirza Ghalib in His Youth

Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib was a famous Urdu poet who is known for his sophisticated and poignant poetry. Many fans of his work have been curious about what he looked like in his youth, and one such fan decided to use artificial intelligence to recreate a picture of Ghalib. The resulting image, shared on Facebook by a user named Raheel, looks like a modern-day model but is actually the AI’s interpretation of what Ghalib may have looked like if he were alive today.

Raheel runs a website and YouTube channel dedicated to promoting the Urdu language, and he believes that if the language is given the attention it deserves, it has the potential to flourish in the contemporary era. He notes that the image may not be an exact representation of Ghalib, as people from India and Pakistan tend to have a dark complexion, but he estimates that it is at least 50% accurate.

As per his statement,

“Though I can not say with confidence that it is exactly Mirza Ghalib, as people from India and Pakistan have a dark complexion, I could say Ghalib would have been like this if he was alive today. But, it could be safely concluded that this image is at least fifty percent accurate”

AI has not only transformed the world of technology, but it has also had a significant impact on the arts. In recent years, computer algorithms have been used to recreate the images of famous historical figures, including ancient Egyptian pharaohs. While the future of AI is uncertain, it is clear that it is headed in an interesting direction, and we can expect to see more accurate recreations of historical figures in the future.

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