March 29, 2023
International Technology

ASKA Unveils Groundbreaking 4-seater Flying Electric Car

4-seater flying electric car

ASKA, a US-based firm, has unveiled the ASKA A5 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023. This fully-functional, four-seater flying car can travel by road and up to 250 miles by air on a single charge.

The ASKA A5 requires only a compact space, such as a helipad or vertiport, for vertical takeoff or landing. It fits into standard parking spaces and can be charged at home and at EV charging stations.

The vehicle is powered by both batteries and an engine, and features six propellers, one on each wing, as well as large wings for gliding in the event of an emergency. It is also equipped with a ballistic parachute for added safety.

ASKA is also announcing the ASKA On-Demand ride service, which will feature a fleet of ASKA vehicles operating on-demand in major cities and their surrounding areas. The service is expected to launch in 2026.

Pre-order reservations for the ASKA A5 are now being accepted on the company’s official website. The vehicle is targeted for commercialization by 2026.

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