June 6, 2023
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Canva Releases New AI Tools for Photo and Video Editing, Competing with Adobe

anva Releases New AI Tools for Photo and Video Editing, Competing with Adobe

As the AI industry becomes increasingly competitive, tech companies of all sizes are joining the race. One such company is Canva, a popular graphic design platform that has just announced the release of its new AI tools for photo and video editing. The tools are designed to streamline and simplify the design and editing process for brands and independent creators alike.

Interestingly, Canva’s announcement comes just a day after its biggest competitor, Adobe, released its own AI tools on different creative platforms. This move is sure to intensify the rivalry between the two companies, which have been competing fiercely for some time now.

Canva’s new AI tools are aimed primarily at users who lack design knowledge, with features tailored to social media graphics, presentations, and advertising materials. According to the company, the tools will free up designers and creative professionals to focus on more important tasks.

Among the new Canva AI tools are several with the word “Magic” in their name, including the Magic Replace Tool, Magic Design, Magic Edit, and Draw. The Magic Design feature is particularly noteworthy, as it helps users find an ideal design by selecting a specific template. The tool does the rest of the work for them.

Another impressive feature is the Magic Presentation Generator, which allows users to describe the type of presentation they want in a few words, and Canva generates it automatically. And on Canva Docs, the Magic Write feature assists users by writing speeches and blog posts in 18 different languages.

Overall, Canva’s new AI tools are a significant development for the company and could pose a challenge to Adobe’s dominant position in the industry. With its user-friendly approach and focus on simplifying the design process, Canva is sure to win over many users who are looking for a more accessible and streamlined design experience.

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