March 23, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Car Deals Decline To 31-Month Downward in Pakistan

The auto sales in Pakistan fell to the downward status since June 2020 as they glimpsed a decline of 36% month-on-month to 10,867 units in January 2023, according to the data discharged by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association on Monday.

Pak Suzuki, which carries the largest percentage in the demand, saw its sales plummet 74% month-on-month in January 2023. The corporation governed to peddle only 44 units of the popular Alto model against 6,898 battalions in December 2022.

The whole sales earned by the corporation stood at 2,946 units as disagreed to 11,342 units in December 2022.

Meanwhile, Indus Motor Company and Honda glimpsed a modification in their sales by 26% and 30% month-on-month to 3,570 units and 2,704 battalions, respectively.

On a year-on-year rationale, sales of the two corporations plummeted by 47% and 33%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Nishat Motor documented substantial ripple in sales on a monthly and yearly basis. The bookings of the company were up 81% month-on-month and 86% year-on-year. The Korean car factory governed to sell 1,140 units in January.

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