September 17, 2023
International Technology

ChatGPT: The New Tool of Choice for Cybercriminals

A recent report by Checkpoint Research has shed light on a concerning trend in the world of technology: the rising popularity of AI chatbot ChatGPT among cyber criminals.

While it was created by OpenAI as a tool for students and professionals, it has reportedly been co-opted by hackers to create malware.

Despite rules set in place by its creators, various posts on the darkweb indicate that the AI chatbot can still be utilized for malicious purposes.

Users on the platform have shared ways in which they are able to use ChatGPT to create malware, including writing code that specifies the actions of the program and the steps it should take.

With this method, cybercriminals can create programs that steal common file types and automatically delete themselves after files have been uploaded or an error is encountered.

This allows them to leave no evidence of their hacking.Cyber security experts are alarmed by the potential harm that ChatGPT can cause in the hands of malicious actors.

The report serves as a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant against new and emerging threats in the constantly evolving landscape of technology.

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