September 17, 2023
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China’s Economic Policies and Diversified Sectors Boost Global Economy, Says Economist

China's Economic Policies and Diversified Sectors Boost Global Economy, Says Economist

An Egyptian economist has praised China’s economy, which he says supports the global economy in many ways. Karim Adel, the head of the Al Adl Center for Economic and Strategic Studies in Cairo, noted that the Chinese economy prioritizes structural development policies, which have helped the country maintain proactive leadership in facing global crises. He also cited China’s diversified economic sectors, which include real estate, energy, electronics, technology, and manufacturing industries, as vital in creating jobs and investment opportunities.

Adel highlighted the importance of China’s economic prospects for the future, particularly its commitment to establishing new economic partnerships and opening new horizons for cooperation and investment with other countries. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China’s economy is projected to grow by 5.2 percent in 2023. China’s economic policies for development and protecting investors’ rights are key factors that encourage and increase investment in the country, Adel added.

China’s solid and flexible economy has achieved a 7.7 percent rise in annual foreign trade, topping the world for the sixth year in a row, with its foreign trade value reaching a record high of 42.07 trillion yuan (6.21 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2022. The country’s exports rose by 10.5 percent, while imports increased by 4.3 percent. Adel said that China’s commitment to win-win partnerships would benefit the global economy and contribute to increasing both Chinese and global economic growth rates.

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