March 30, 2023
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China’s Sunwalk Group To Subsidize $2bn In Pakistan’s Optical Fiber Web Said Federal Minister Syed Amin-ul Haqu

Sunwalk Group, a Chinese telecom infrastructure corporation, schedules to subsidize $2 billion in Pakistan’s telecom sector for the deployment of an optical fiber web, containing a neighborhood of 100,000km.

“Sunwalk has acquired the permission to be a telecom infrastructure provider in Pakistan. The corporation will spread 100,000km of fibre cord in Pakistan with an acquisition of $2 billion,” declared Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Amin-ul Haque, during a conference with a commission overseen by the Chairman of Sunwalk Group, Hou Xingwang, on Tuesday.

During the conference, there was a thorough conversation heeding acquisition chances and the telecom infrastructure sector in Pakistan, read an announcement discharged by the Ministry of IT and Telecom. It was learnt that Sunwalk has already subsidized about $5 million in establishing Optical Fiber Cable in Pakistan. In the foremost stage, 5,000km of OFC is existing laid to relate various municipalities of the nation.

Chairman Hou declared that the corporation appreciates lengthy-standing connections with Pakistan and furnishes assistance to different sectors.

During the conference, the Sunwalk commission disseminated that there are problems in laying optical cables along railroad cords, roads and motorways.

Amin-ul Haque briefed the commission that talk with the Ministry of Railways and Highways Authority is persistent heeding the right of way to lay OFC. He ensured the council that all impediments in this respect will be withdrawn soon.

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