September 9, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Companies Pause Operations In Pakistan As Economic Conditions Worsen

Worsening monetary situations in the country continued to bite enterprises, with several corporations declaring openly they would be stopping procedures.

Khalid Siraj Textile Mills Limited, a factory and dealer of wool, on Friday declared openly that its administration has agreed on to close off mill procedures until March 31, referring to problems varying from flash surges destruction to import regulations.

The corporation divulged the data in an announcement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

“The floods caused the cotton harvests to be devastated. Additionally, the situation has worsened due to political unrest, import restrictions, and an unchecked dollar increase,” read the announcement.

The corporation told that these characteristics have boosted inflation, sabotaged the rupee, steered up cotton fees as well as the expense of electricity per unit, and, greatly notable, damaged business enthusiasm.

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