September 14, 2023
International Technology

Current Top Tech News A Daring Run for Twitter CEO by an Indian-Origin MIT Scholar! SBF Was Spotted “Chilling” At A Business Lounge After Being Released On $250 Million Bail

Here are some short tech updates for you to take note of this morning, tech family!

What’s New Right Now: Unintentionally, a Microsoft employee revealed that the Notepad software in Windows 11 will get tabs in the new Notepad.

Fast-Track Insights: A US winter storm lowers the hash rate of bitcoin mining. The recent winter storm has presented a distinct set of difficulties for US bitcoin miners.

Elon Musk received a tweet from Shiva Ayyadurai, a PhD candidate at MIT and “the inventor of email,” expressing his desire to run Twitter. In his speech, Ayyadurai emphasised his credentials, stating that he had built seven extremely successful high-tech software firms and was a four-time MIT graduate.

He also requested information on how to submit an application for the CEO position at Twitter. The tweet from Ayyadurai attracted a lot of attention, and many users endorsed his candidature. While some praised his work and abilities in the computer industry, others questioned if he had a real chance to succeed Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter.

A Microsoft employee accidentally revealed that Windows 11’s Notepad programme will have a tabs feature. According to the American technology news website The Verge, the employee, a senior product manager at Microsoft, sent a photograph of a version of Notepad with tabs. “Notepad in Windows 11 now supports tabs,” he gushed with a loudspeaker emoji. In the screenshot, Microsoft’s internal warning could be seen: “Confidential Don’t take screenshots.” It suggested that Microsoft’s tabs functionality was still undergoing preliminary internal testing.

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