September 19, 2023
International Technology

Dell Technologies Announces Global Layoffs

Dell Technologies, a leading supplier of personal computers, has recently declared its decision to lay off around 6,500 employees from its worldwide workforce. The dismissed employees account for roughly 5% of the company’s total 158,000+ workforce.

As cited by Bloomberg, Co-Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke stated that “the company is facing challenging market conditions with an uncertain future.” The company’s declining demand for PCs and laptops has been a persistent issue since last year, which is not unique to Dell as many other hardware manufacturers are also facing similar challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a temporary surge in demand for laptops and PCs as people began to work and study from home. However, companies failed to realize that this demand was only temporary, leading to excessive hiring. This pattern of overhiring during the pandemic and then laying off thousands of employees the following year has been noticed in many companies facing tech layoffs in 2022-23.

In India, the traditional PC market saw a YoY decrease of 11.7% in 2022, and Dell, which is one of the most widely used PC brands in India, experienced a decline in sales as Lenovo and HP emerged as leading brands.

According to the company’s leadership, the layoffs will provide an opportunity for Dell to reorganize its structure and increase efficiency. Despite the challenging market conditions, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to improving its operations.

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