March 24, 2023
Pakistan Technology

EasyPaisa Launches New Visa Debit Card for Secure and Convenient Transactions

EasyPaisa Launches New Visa Debit Card for Secure and Convenient Transactions

EasyPaisa, a digital wallet and debit card service provider, has announced the launch of its new Visa Debit Card. This card is linked directly to the customer’s EasyPaisa account and allows for payments to be made at any of the over 90,000 merchants accepting POS transactions in the country, as well as withdrawals from any of the 16,000 ATMs nationwide. The Visa Debit Card also features QR and online capabilities, with the online feature set to be available soon.

The Visa Debit Card utilizes NFC technology, allowing for contactless payments to be made by simply tapping the card on the merchant’s POS terminal. This enhances the overall user experience, as well as providing a high level of security. The chip technology in the card makes it difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited, further safeguarding customer information.

Customers who are already using the EasyPaisa platform can order their new Visa Debit Card directly through the EasyPaisa app or by dialing *786#. This platform has a user base of over 14 million customers in the past 30 days on both Android and iOS devices, and is the most used app in Pakistan across all categories.

EasyPaisa is dedicated to making Pakistan a cashless and financially inclusive society through the use of technology and collaboration. The launch of the Visa Debit Card is a step towards this goal, as it allows for increased access to financial services and transactions.

In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive with the introduction of other digital wallets and debit card services such as JazzCash, Sadapay and NayaPay, EasyPaisa’s Visa Debit Card offers a secure and convenient option for customers to make payments and withdrawals.

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