September 13, 2023
Economy Pakistan

Economic Crisis Forces Authorities To Implement New Rules: Malls, Markets, Restaurants, And Halls To Close Early

Pakistan's New Energy Conservation Plan Includes the Early Closure of Restaurants, Malls, and Markets

The Pakistani government has announced a new energy conservation plan which includes shutting down establishments, including markets and malls, early on Tuesdays. The plan was approved by the Cabinet and was announced by Defence Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif and Minister for Power Ghultam Dastghir. In addition to the early closures, wedding halls and restaurants have also been ordered to close at 10 pm.

The Pakistani government believes that the new energy conservation measures will help save energy and reduce the cost of importing oil, a significant expense for the country. Pakistan spends approximately USD 3 billion on imported oil each year, and a majority of its electricity is generated using this resource. By implementing these changes, the government hopes to address the current economic crisis and improve the country’s overall energy efficiency.

In addition to the early closures and restrictions on wedding halls and restaurants, the energy conservation plan also aims to curtail the use of imported oil for electricity generation. By reducing reliance on this resource, the government hopes to lower energy costs and improve the country’s financial stability. These measures are an important step towards addressing the economic challenges facing Pakistan and ensuring a more sustainable future for the nation.

The new energy conservation measures implemented by the Pakistani government, which include the early closure of shopping malls and markets, are likely to have a negative impact on businesses. Many Pakistanis typically do their shopping and dining as late as midnight, and the early closures may disrupt their habits and reduce revenue for establishments. This is particularly concerning for business leaders, as their establishments have already struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic due to government-imposed lockdowns.

Since 2021, Pakistan has seen 1.5 million cases of COVID-19, resulting in 36,000 deaths. The lockdowns, while necessary for containing the spread of the virus, have had a significant financial impact on businesses. The new energy conservation measures may further strain these establishments, which are already grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the economy and the overall well-being of the nation.

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