March 29, 2023
International Technology

Elon Musk Plans to Build ChatGPT Rival with New AI Research Lab

It has been reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been in contact with various AI researchers in recent weeks, discussing the formation of a new AI research lab with the aim of developing a chatbot that rivals ChatGPT, the creation of OpenAI. Musk reportedly contacted AI researcher Igor Babuschkin, who recently left Alphabet’s DeepMind, to join the team.

Despite no longer owning a stake in OpenAI, which he co-founded and was a donor of, Musk has shown a continued interest in artificial intelligence chatbots. This urgency could be attributed to ChatGPT’s increasing popularity and usage worldwide. ChatGPT is an exceptional chatbot that can write poetry, essays, engage in conversations, and even deliver flawless code within seconds.

In a recent statement, Musk described ChatGPT as “scary good”. He left the board of OpenAI in 2018, which he co-founded with Silicon Valley investor Sam Altman in 2015. Babuschkin confirmed that he and Musk had discussed the idea of assembling a team of AI researchers to build a ChatGPT rival, but the plan is not yet concrete, and there has been no official agreement between the two.

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