March 30, 2023
Banking Pakistan

FBR, Banks Can Share Info About Civil Servants’ Assets

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Thursday notified “Sharing of Declaration of Assets of Civil Servants Rules, 2023” for sharing of information between the FBR and banks about the assets of civil servants in BS 17-22.

The FBR, on Thursday, issued SRO 80(l)12023 to issue the final rules. The same has been previously published vide Notification No SRO76(I)12023 dated January 26, 2023, as required by sub-section (3) of section 237 of the Income Tax Ordinance. After a period of five days, the rules have been notified.

According to an SRO 80(I)/2023 issued by the FBR, the rules shall apply for sharing of information with banks. These rules shall apply for a limited purpose of sharing of information in respect of civil servants in BS 17- 22.

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