September 10, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Finance Minister Pledges To Facilitate Islamic finance Strategy In Pakistan

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has pledged to facilitate Islamic finance and eradicate interest founded system in Pakistan in true spirit within five years.

He was chairing the First Steering Committee meeting in Islamabad today on enactment of Federal Shariat Court’s judgment on Riba.

The Finance Minister exhorted upon all the stakeholders to work with obligation, seriousness and awareness to confound all the limitations in way of commission of interest free system as already 21 per cent of banks enjoy Islamic banking system.

The Finance Minister emphasized to include professional experts on Islamic laws in the committees and also seek guidance of Ulema and Islamic intellectuals into launching of additional Islamic Sukuk bonds.

Ishaq Dar appreciated Governor State Bank of Pakistan for his sincere efforts in making roadmap for implementation of Islamic financing and interest free system. He also expressed satisfaction on SBP and NBP for withdrawing appeals in the Supreme Court against the judgment of Federal Shariat Court and paving the way for its implementation.

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