September 18, 2023
International Technology

Google releases new AI Magic Wand tool for Docs

Microsoft and Google are racing to create effective AI tools, competing against each other in the AI market. Google has recently released a new AI tool called ‘AI Magic Wand’ for Docs, enabling users to instantly create text documents such as blogs and training plans. This tool also suggests better tones for write-ups. The generative AI tool has increased the capabilities of all Google work software, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail.

This new and unique AI tool has been released just a few days before Microsoft is scheduled to launch its own AI productivity tools. This tool further tightens the competition between Google and Microsoft, which started soon after Microsoft locked its deal with ChatGPT creators OpenAI.

Microsoft is preparing to unveil its own AI productivity tools in an event named “reinventing productivity with AI”, which is expected to include similar generative tools for Microsoft Word software. Meanwhile, Google has hinted that its AI tools will be capable of summarizing emails, creating presentation slides, taking meeting notes, and much more, all available for free or paid versions of Google Workspace.

Google has invested billions of dollars in AI technology and has redirected its focus toward artificial intelligence. The company is currently making its AI tools available to approved test users before deciding to release them through a bigger launch. “This next phase is where we’re bringing human beings to be supported with an AI collaborator, who is working in real time,” said Google Cloud Chief Executive, Thomas Kurian.

Google and Microsoft are not alone in the AI market, as companies such as Amazon and IBM are also competing in this space. However, Google’s AI Magic Wand tool for Docs represents a significant step forward in the integration of AI in daily workflow. With Google and Microsoft both investing heavily in AI technology, it remains to be seen which company will come out on top in this race.

AI market is rapidly evolving, with companies such as Google and Microsoft competing to create more efficient AI tools. Google’s release of the AI Magic Wand tool for Docs has further intensified the competition between the two tech giants, with Microsoft set to release its own AI productivity tools in the coming days. With Google and Microsoft investing billions of dollars in AI technology, the future of the AI market remains exciting and unpredictable.

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