September 14, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Government To Expand IT Industry To Increase Contribution For Economic Uplift

Pakistan has a lot of possibilities in the IT sector and the current administration is glad to develop the IT enterprise in decree to improve its donation to the financial growth of Pakistan.

The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar let out this while during a conference with Mr. Yancey Spruill, CEO Digital Ocean who phoned him at the Finance Division on Tuesday.

The Finance Minister enjoyed Digital Ocean for indicating curiosity in acquainting the workforce of the country in IT. He assured that the Administration of Pakistan will furnish all sorts of backing instructed by the corporation in declaration to develop its company and acquisition in the country.

Mr. Yancey Spruill conveyed appreciation to the Finance Minister and disseminated their industry silhouette and their donation to the financial growth of Pakistan. He also educated the Finance Minister about their recent acquisition in the country in software expansion and facilitating medium and cloud computing SMEs. He also indicated interest in developing their business outlying in Pakistan.

CEO Digital Ocean also apprised the Finance Minister that they have recently acquired Cloudways Pakistan and they are planning to start a training program for Pakistani youth in the country in collaboration with various universities in order to provide IT skills to enable them to compete in global market.

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