September 10, 2023
International Technology

GPT-4 AI Technology Takes Game Development to a New Level

Since the release of the GPT-4 AI technology, experts have been exploring the limits of its capabilities. While many had high expectations for this new technology, no one expected it to be capable of developing a full-fledged video game. However, GPT-4 has exceeded all expectations and has proven to be a game-changer in the field of game development.

AI enthusiast Jani Lopez recently demonstrated how to leverage GPT-4 to produce basic video games that resemble well-known games like Doom. He shared a Twitter thread in which he explained how to generate the required codes using the AI technology and showed simple steps on how to improve the game’s visual appeal. He also shared glimpses of codes written entirely by GPT-4 itself.

Jani advised users to keep their expectations realistic and not to expect GPT-4 to create something never seen before. However, he pointed out that users can create meaningful content and improve the visual aesthetics and overall working of the game once they have the foundation established.

To create a basic Doom style game, Jani recommended that users simply ask GPT-4 to create a game resembling Doom. Once the foundation is established, users can further improve the game’s visual appeal and working.

The fact that GPT-4 is capable of creating complex video games is just the tip of the iceberg. Experts believe that GPT-4 will bring forward even more astounding creations and take the world of technology by storm. The possibilities are endless, and who knows what the next year in the tech world will bring?

AI technology has proven to be a game-changer in the field of game development. While it may not be capable of creating entirely new concepts, it can certainly aid in the creation of basic games that resemble existing ones. As the technology continues to evolve, experts anticipate that GPT-4 will bring forward even more groundbreaking creations.

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