September 5, 2023
Pakistan Technology

Hackers Leak Sensitive Data of Institute of Space Technology After Demanding Ransom

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) located in Islamabad, Pakistan, was recently targeted by a hacking group known as Medusa. The group gained access to the university’s data, which included passports, payslips, analysis details, and other sensitive information. In exchange for the data, Medusa demanded a ransom of $500,000.

After several days of demanding payment, Medusa has now leaked all of the university’s data on a public telegram channel. The stolen data has been uploaded in small downloadable files, each one being sized around 3.89 GB. It is still unclear if Medusa has released all the information it stole or if it is still holding some data in hopes of receiving a ransom.

The Institute of Space Technology has yet to issue a statement about the hacking incident and the data ransom demands. The university’s website is currently experiencing issues, and it is unclear if this is a result of the hack.

Following the data leak, Medusa updated their blog and announced that they had successfully leaked all the data they stole from the university. The group did not provide any further details about the incident or their motives.

The Institute of Space Technology has remained silent on the matter, refusing to give out a statement or respond to any questions about the hacking. It is unclear if the university plans to take any action to address the situation or if they will continue to remain silent.

The incident highlights the growing threat of cyberattacks, and the importance of implementing effective cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information. It also serves as a reminder that organizations must have a plan in place to respond to data breaches and ransomware attacks

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