June 6, 2023
Finance International

Haydock Finance Goes Live with NETSOL’s Cloud-based Calculation Engine – Flex

Haydock Finance, a UK-based business finance provider, has recently deployed Flex, a cloud-based and API-first calculation engine developed by NETSOL Technologies. Flex was launched as the first product of ‘Appex Now’, the first marketplace developed specifically for the global credit, finance, and leasing industry by NETSOL.

Haydock Finance decided to deploy Flex to support its vendors by providing an online quotation tool that would offer fast and accurate payments and rates. With the deployment of Flex, vendors can independently and accurately calculate quotations and rates, including APR, yield, and flat rates. This saves substantial time for vendors, increases efficiency, reduces application submission time, and decreases engagement of the client’s sales team in the quotation process.

Mike Boyes, Head of Vendor at Haydock Finance, approached NETSOL to provide a simple onboarding process and implementation for Flex. Implementation was completed within a couple of days, and Flex was integrated into Haydock Finance’s website. Boyes expressed his satisfaction with the deployment of Flex and mentioned that the calculations done via Flex were 100% accurate, matching their business requirements, without the need to change anything.

The deployment of Flex for Haydock Finance is a part of NETSOL’s strategy to develop a range of financial products and services for the global credit, finance, and leasing industry. By signing up with Flex, Haydock Finance has joined a growing list of financial institutions who are utilizing the platform to support their business requirements.

Overall, the deployment of Flex for Haydock Finance enables them to provide fast and accurate payments and rates for their vendors, reducing the time taken to submit applications and improving overall efficiency.

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