September 8, 2023
International Technology

India Today Launches AI-Powered Female News Anchor ‘Sana’

Indian media group, India Today, has introduced an AI female news anchor named ‘Sana’, taking inspiration from the Chinese AI-powered news anchors. The unveiling of Sana took place during the India Today Conclave 2023 by Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson of India Today Group. This move towards mainstream media aims to achieve greater efficiency and reduce workforce while still providing high-quality news updates.

Sana is an AI bot that can speak multiple languages and provide daily news updates numerous times a day. In addition, Sana will host a new show where she will discuss and clarify specific topics daily and interact with the audience, allowing them to ask questions. Kalli Purie described Sana as a “bright, gorgeous, ageless, and tireless” robot.

The use of AI-powered bots in news anchoring is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. AI bots can work tirelessly, do not require breaks, and provide quick and efficient news updates to the audience. AI can also provide multiple language options, especially for diverse audiences.

Introducing the first female AI anchor is a significant step in the media world. Sana’s capabilities and benefits showcase the potential of AI in news anchoring. While some may view this as a setback for human anchors, it is essential to remember that AI and humans can work together to provide high-quality news updates to the audience.

Kalli Purie has emphasized that Sana will not replace human anchors but will work alongside them. The company will be providing a human surrogate editor for Sana and is planning to hire more human editors soon. The Vice Chairperson positively views integrating AI and humans, acknowledging that the future is “fascinating and frightening.”

In conclusion, India Today’s launch of its first AI female anchor, Sana, is a significant step towards efficient and high-quality news updates. With the potential to work alongside human anchors, AI-powered bots can provide a faster, efficient, and diverse language options to deliver news to the audience. The future of AI and humans working together is both fascinating and challenging

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