September 14, 2023
Banking International

Indian VP Of Leading US Banking Firm Fired For Urinating on an Old Woman

US-based leading banking company, Wells Fargo, has fired a top Indian executive who was found guilty of urinating on a 72-year-old woman in a business class flight of Air India.

Shankar Mishra, reportedly Vice President (VP) of Wells Fargo’s operations in India, was traveling from New York City to New Delhi in November 2022 when he got drunk, approached the victim’s seat, and urinated over her.

Wells Fargo, in its statement, noted that the company places its workers to the highest standards of professionalism and added that it finds this incident extremely disturbing.

The statement further read that Shankar has been fired from Wells Fargo and confirmed that the company is cooperating with law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for further investigation.

Earlier, Air India also imposed a 30-day travel ban on Shankar for his inappropriate behavior. Air India stated that the incident caused severe distress to the elderly passenger.

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