June 6, 2023
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IRS Officer’s Shocking Request to PM for Corruption

IRS Officer's Shocking Request to PM for Corruption

An unconfirmed letter circulating on social media has revealed that an IRS officer has formally requested permission from the Prime Minister of Pakistan to engage in corruption to meet his unavoidable expenditures.

The letter highlights the perilous economic situation of the country and the government’s efforts to stabilize the economy. Despite never committing corruption in his four-year tenure, the IRS officer claims that he has been left with no option but to look for illicit means to make ends meet.

The letter explains that the officer receives a monthly salary of Rs. 122,922, including Rs. 35,898 for house hiring, but his unavoidable expenditures amount to Rs. 110,500 per month. Additionally, the officer is in debt of over Rs. 78,000 and receives financial assistance from his father. The PM’s office recently announced an Executive Allowance in February 2023 for all groups, except the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

The IRS officer claimed that financial stress has impacted his performance at work, and he has been interested in setting up a side business or a passive income option. The officer requested the PM’s help to monetarily support the FBR to help stabilize the economy and bring the country out of the shackles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Furthermore, the officer asked the PM to de-freeze “performance allowance FBR” or grant “Executive Allowance” to the FBR and its field formations as it has been granted to all other departments. The FBR spokesperson told ProPakistani that he can neither confirm nor deny the letter’s authenticity until Monday.

The letter’s revelation exposes the prevalence of corruption and the lack of financial security faced by government officials in Pakistan. While the officer’s request for permission to engage in corruption is a violation of the law, it highlights the need for the government to address the economic situation and support its officials.

In conclusion, the letter from the IRS officer requesting permission to engage in corruption to make ends meet highlights the severity of the economic situation in Pakistan. The government needs to take effective measures to stabilize the economy and support its officials to prevent corruption from becoming the norm.

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