September 26, 2023
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Italian carmaker Ferrari hit by cyberattack

Italian carmaker Ferrari hit by cyberattack

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari, recently announced that it was targeted by cybercriminals who stole confidential information from the company. The hackers demanded a ransom in exchange for the protection of client details, which Ferrari declined to pay.

In a statement released on Monday, Ferrari confirmed that its operations were not affected by the cyberattack, and that the company is further strengthening its security systems to prevent future breaches.

The hackers reportedly accessed certain customer data, including names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers, but not bank details. As of now, Ferrari has no information that suggests that the stolen data has been released on the internet. A spokesperson for the company assured the media that Ferrari is closely monitoring the situation.

Ferrari officials stated that as soon as they received ransom demands, they launched an investigation and contacted the relevant authorities. Ferrari has a policy of not paying ransom demands, as it believes that doing so funds criminal activities and enables threat actors to carry out future attacks.

Addressing its clients, Ferrari emphasized that it takes the confidentiality of its clients very seriously and understands the significance of the incident. The company has not disclosed the number of clients affected by the breach or the value of the stolen data۔

the cyberattack on Ferrari highlights the importance of having robust security systems in place to protect against cybercriminals. Companies should also have a policy in place for dealing with ransom demands to ensure that they do not incentivize cybercriminals to carry out more attacks

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