September 5, 2023
Economy International

Japan To Areange G-7 Finance Directors Conference on 23 Feb.

Japan will host a conference of finance directors from the Group of Seven countries on Thursday to examine their reaction to Russia’s war in Ukraine, comprising embargoes, on the perimeters of a broader Group of 20 meeting in India, Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki let out on Tuesday.

Suzuki will arrange the conference of finance pastors and prominent bank governors as Japan carries the G-7 presidency this year. It arrives along of the one-year anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s attack in Ukraine that has overseen to a slew of embargoes on Moscow assessed by the constituent countries.

“We’d like to reaffirm G-7 solidarity in supporting Ukraine and maintaining our pressure on Russia and discuss the impact (of the war) on the global economy,” Suzuki notified correspondents after a Cabinet session.

The G-7 administrators are also planned to carry a virtual conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday, which dents one year since Russia undertook its incursion of the nation, after he was brought about by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida 

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