September 13, 2023
Pakistan Technology

Javed Afridi plans to collaborate with Afghan supercar manufacturer

Javed Afridi Wants to Partner With Afghani Supercar Makers

Afghan supercar manufacturer ENTOP has caught the attention of Javed Afridi, a prominent figure on social media and a key stakeholder of MG Pakistan. Afridi recently reached out to ENTOP to express his interest in a potential partnership.

The company’s standout vehicle, the Mada 9 supercar, is a prototype that was developed entirely in Afghanistan at the Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education. A collaboration between ENTOP, the Innovation Center of Afghanistan, and the IT Ministry, the Mada 9 features a tubular frame chassis, F1-style pushrod suspension, and a mid-engine layout. It is being specifically designed to navigate the hilly terrain of Afghanistan, and ENTOP plans to thoroughly test the prototype before putting it into production.

Afridi’s tweet expressing his admiration for the Mada 9 has brought further attention to the project, which has already garnered praise from individuals and entrepreneurs of various nationalities. It is not yet known what a partnership between Afridi and ENTOP would entail. Still, Afridi’s resources and expertise could be a valuable asset to the Afghan company as they work to bring the Mada 9 to market.

The Mada 9 has the potential to be a significant achievement for Afghanistan, generating jobs and economic opportunities for the country. A partnership with Afridi could further boost the project and help it to reach its full potential. The future looks bright for both ENTOP and the Mada 9 supercar. In the meantime, it is clear that the Mada 9 has already garnered a lot of attention and appreciation. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this unique and innovative supercar.

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