March 30, 2023
Banking Pakistan

Kazakhstan Interested To Sign Transit Consensus With Pakistan

Kazakhstan aims at to mark a transit exchange pact with Pakistan that would furnish a lawful framework to industries on both sides to enable enhancment the bilateral exchange, Kazakh ambassador Yerzhan Kistafin declared on Saturday.

He was talking to to a meeting during his stay to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

“We are also planning to sign an agreement between the State Bank of Pakistan and National Bank of Kazakhstan to develop legal framework for cooperation in the banking sector,” the envoy declared, putting in that a visit of President of Kazakhstan to Pakistan in 2023 was also being scheduled.

During the anticipated visit, multiple bilateral consensuses, memos of understanding, and retail agreements would be marked, he summed up.

Kazakh diplomat also conveyed intents to formulate partnership between the businesspeople in Karachi and Almaty by announcing them as sister municipalities, in acquisition to formulating partnership between Karachi Chamber and Chamber of Commerce of Almaty. It would clearly give increase exchange and financial partnership between the two nations, he let out.

“We are also trying to connect transit land routes between Kazakhstan and Pakistan and I am happy to see that TCS is now delivery consignments between two countries on a regular basis via Afghanistan and they can even provide insurance facility for your products.”

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