September 18, 2023
Banking Pakistan

KE partners with Bank Alfalah for cashback on bill payments via Alfa App and QR codes.

K-Electric, one of the leading electric supply companies in Pakistan, has recently announced a partnership with Bank Alfalah, one of the largest private banks in the country. Under this collaboration, Bank Alfalah customers can now enjoy cashback rewards when they use the bank’s Alfa App and QR codes to pay their monthly utility bills.

This is an exciting development for Bank Alfalah customers who can now conveniently pay their K-Electric bills using the Alfa App and get cashback in return. The Alfa App provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily pay their bills and manage their payments from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the use of QR codes makes the payment process even more seamless and hassle-free.

K-Electric, on the other hand, will benefit from this collaboration as it will increase the number of payment options available to its customers. The partnership with Bank Alfalah is expected to enhance customer satisfaction by providing a secure and convenient payment platform.

The collaboration between K-Electric and Bank Alfalah is a win-win situation for both parties and a step forward towards providing customers with innovative and convenient payment options.

Bank Alfalah’s Alfa banking app users who have registered themselves on the app can avail a cashback offer by using the Alfa QR to pay their utility bills. The cashback of Rs. 500 will be credited to their account within 5 working days of the transaction. The offer is valid for payments of over Rs. 2,000 and applies to each unique Alfa registered CNIC.

The campaign, which began recently, is set to continue until April 15, 2023. This promotion is an excellent opportunity for Bank Alfalah’s account holders and wallet customers to take advantage of the cashback offer while conveniently paying their utility bills.

KE, being one of Pakistan’s prominent power utility companies, has collaborated with Bank Alfalah to introduce QR code payment features to its customers. The initiative aims to provide a hassle-free digital bill payment solution to its users. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the country’s digital payment ecosystem, where customers can scan a dynamic QR code and pay their bills using QR supported mobile banking applications. This feature is a convenient and secure way to make payments and eliminates the need for cash transactions.

Bank Alfalah and KE’s collaboration is a significant step towards promoting digital payments in Pakistan, allowing customers to enjoy convenient and secure bill payments through the Alfa app’s QR code feature.

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