September 6, 2023
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Meta Acquires Luxexcel as Step Toward AR Glasses Goal

Meta Acquires Luxexcel as Step Toward AR Glasses Goal

Meta, a company working towards the goal of creating Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, has acquired Luxexel, which is a Netherlands-based company that uses 3d printing to make prescription lenses for glasses.

Established in 2009, Luxexcel’s acquisition to shake hands with Meta is a significant step for Meta itself as it commences to progress in the development of ‘Metaverse’. Despite facing challenges lately, it remains committed to the AR glasses project and anticipates getting out of the tough times.

No doubt, the addition of Luxexcel’s expertise in lens production will be valuable for Meta as it works to bring its AR glasses to the market. Meta’s AR glasses would be accessible to a wide range of users with the ability to offer custom prescription lenses. Moreover, this acquisition also portrays Meta’s dedication to high-quality and functional products for consumers.

Ryan Moore, who is the head of financial communications for Luxexcel, said on the establishment that,

“We’re excited that the Luxexcel team has joined Meta, deepening the existing partnership between the two companies,”

In its blog post, Meta also revealed the investment plans for the Metaverse. According to this, half of the company’s capital will be directed towards AR, whereas the second half will be toward Virtual Reality (VR). While the company is heavily investing in AR, it may still be some time until it sees some progress.

As per the blog post, the development of its AR glasses may take “years of progress” as the company aims to make the device “slimmer, lighter, faster, and more powerful”. When the first few pairs of the product are released, they will be only for developers and product testing experts.

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