June 6, 2023
International Technology

Meta’s Leadership Focused on AI to Boost Metaverse and Advertising

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, CPO Chris Cox, and CTO Andrew Bosworth are dedicating a significant amount of their time to Meta’s new AI unit, which was established in February and is currently developing generative AI.

In a recent interview with Nikkei Asia, Bosworth revealed that some of the AI work being done will benefit Meta’s long-term goal of creating the metaverse, a digital world.

Meta’s new AI unit reflects the company’s determination to stay competitive in the generative AI space while continuing to pursue its vision of the metaverse.

The company recently released an AI model capable of identifying specific items in images, and plans to use AI to allow advertisers to create more engaging advertisements.

Meta’s large language model, LLaMa, is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard and can answer questions and provide summaries for large documents.

Meta’s Reality Labs division, which is focused on the metaverse, reported a loss of over $13 billion in 2022, which was offset by massive advertisement revenues of $116.61 billion. Bosworth stated that Meta can use generative AI to boost advertising revenue by allowing advertisers to use different images that work on different people instead of relying on just one image throughout the advertisement campaign.

Bosworth also noted that Meta could use AI inside the metaverse to make content creation more accessible to more people. “In the future, you might be able to just describe the world you want to create and have the large language model generate that world for you,” said Bosworth.

In summary, Meta’s leadership is investing a significant amount of time in developing generative AI to boost the metaverse and advertising revenue. With the release of its AI model and plans to use AI for advertising, Meta is poised to compete with other leading tech giants in the AI industry. The use of AI in the metaverse also has the potential to make content creation more accessible to a wider audience

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