March 29, 2023
Economy Pakistan

Miftah Clashes with Audience Member Over BMW Acquisition

During the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF), former finance minister Miftah Ismail lashed out at an audience member who asked about the government’s failure to prevent the import of luxury cars for ministers during his time in office.

Ismail became angry when the person questioned him about allegedly obtaining a BMW while he was in the government. He vehemently denied the accusation and expressed his disbelief that he could be accused of such a thing. The former finance minister emphasized that he always drove his own car and paid for his fuel.

During the “Pakistan’s Economy: Depth and Resilience” session at the KLF on Sunday, Miftah Ismail expressed his frustration with false accusations of corruption, which he claimed can cause people to end up in jail. He recounted the emotional distress he and his family suffered when he was incarcerated and asked the person who posed the question to take it back.

The altercation between Miftah Ismail and the audience member generated a strong reaction on social media, with many users showing their support for the PML-N leader. The party also tweeted its support, stating that Miftah Ismail had shut down a “brainwashed zombie.”

The KLF session, moderated by Samiullah Siddiqi and featuring Miftah Ismail, Akbar Zaidi, Muhammad Aurangzeb, and Azfar Ahsan, discussed the challenges and opportunities in Pakistan’s economy. It also highlighted the potential of key sectors like agriculture, industry, and services in driving economic growth and reviving the country’s fortunes.

The 14th KLF, which ended on Sunday, attracted a large number of literature enthusiasts. The festival’s exciting lineup of sessions ensured that attendees did not want to miss out on engaging discussions. It provided a fitting finale to a celebration of literature, arts, and culture.

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