June 5, 2023
Pakistan Technology

NADRA Launches Pak ID Mobile App for Contactless ID Services in Pakistan

NADRA Launches Pak ID Mobile App for Contactless ID Services in Pakistan

Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched its next-generation Pak ID Mobile App, which allows citizens to access ID services through their mobile screens. With this app, citizens can process applications for their identity card and documents from the comfort of their home, avoiding long queues and waiting hours at NADRA offices. After completing the entire application process, people can get their ID documents delivered to their doorstep.

The latest version of the Pak ID Mobile app features a built-in document recognition system and contactless biometric verification, providing users with a complete range of ID issuance services including uploading and submitting documents, capturing photographs and fingerprints, and adding digital signatures using smartphones. This innovative approach is a significant step towards achieving the goal of Digital Pakistan by improving service delivery, said NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik.

Moreover, the app promises to bring maximum convenience to citizens living within the country and beyond geographical boundaries. NADRA’s multi-biometric capturing and online document submission has already earned it the distinction of being the first nation in the world to implement such a system.

“The app has been built using contactless technology which truly digitalizes the experience of getting ID documents just using a smartphone,” said Malik.

This move by NADRA to launch its ID services to mobile screens is a significant step towards providing relief to people in Pakistan. The app is designed to simplify the ID application process and make it more accessible to citizens. The app has been received positively by citizens, and it is expected to contribute to the government’s goal of digitizing services across the country.

NADRA’s next-generation Pak ID Mobile App is a significant milestone in Pakistan’s journey towards a digital future, and it is expected to bring maximum convenience to citizens while improving service delivery.

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