June 6, 2023
International Technology

Netflix to Introduce Phone Controller Feature for TV Games

Netflix is reportedly planning to launch a new feature that will allow users to play Netflix games on their TV using their phones as controllers. According to Bloomberg and Steve Moser, this move will finally allow the company to make its games playable on every device that has Netflix.

This news comes shortly after Netflix announced that it would make its games “playable on every Netflix device that you have.” Moser also identified code lines in the Netflix iOS application that suggest the company plans to use mobile phones as controllers for TV games.

The identified code line prompts the user with a notification pop-up asking if they want to use their phone as a controller for TV games. This move is expected to expand the gaming feature of the app, which is currently only available on iOS and Android devices.

Since launching its game services in 2021, Netflix has released over 55 games, but only for mobile devices. With this new feature, users on larger screens will finally be able to play Netflix games.Netflix’s unique approach to turning mobile phones into controllers for TV games appears to be an attempt to avoid the pitfalls of Google’s Stadia service, which required the use of separate controllers.

In conclusion, Netflix’s new phone controller feature for TV games is set to revolutionize the way users play games on the platform. This move will enable Netflix to make its games accessible to users on larger screens, providing an immersive gaming experience.

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