September 5, 2023
International Technology

New Feature on Google Meet is Just Fantastic – Check here

Tech giant Google has revealed the latest feature for one of its subsets, Google Meet. The Google-based communication application will now allow users not only to engage but reveal their feelings to each other via the use of reaction emojis.

Users can now use several emojis to show their reactions on the Web, Android devices, iOS, and hardware devices. On Wednesday, in a workspace Updates Blogpost, Google said,

Users can now use emojis to share in-meeting reactions in “Google Meet on Web, Meet Hardware devices and iOS, with Android coming soon,”

Notably, these reactions will appear as a badge on the left corner of the screen on the sender’s video. When multiple user engagements occur, a flurry of emojis will appear on the left side of the user’s screen.

To express a reaction, users can tap on the smiley face icon in the control bar to access the reaction bar. Additionally, users have the option to hover over the bar and select their preferred skin tone, which will be applied to all emojis that can change colour.

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