March 29, 2023
Finance International

NOMO Launches The Sharia-Compliant ‘Real Estate Finance’ Product To Its Customers In The Middle East

NOMO Bank, the Digital Bank of the Bank of London and the Middle East “BLME”, a subsidiary of Boubyan Bank Group, announced the launch of its real estate finance product, which allows all customers in the Middle East to own properties in the United Kingdom in a major step towards employing the digital bank’s services in providing easier, more convenient, and secure real estate finance solutions.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, BLME’s Board Member, stated: “This step comes as a new addition to improve the set of innovative digital banking solutions offered by Nomo Bank to meet its customers’ requirements and to provide them with the latest digital services so that they may enjoy a unique banking experience that meets their expectations and needs while offering the highest levels of protection and security.”

Mr. Al-Tuwaijri went on to elaborate: “The real estate finance product currently offered by NOMO represents a great investment opportunity to our Middle East investors, making it a real possibility for them to realize their dreams and own properties in the United Kingdom, being one of the most attractive and important real estate markets worldwide.”

“The product is fully compliant with the Noble Islamic Sharia and represents a quantum leap that helped us succeed in overcoming the challenges of striking a balance between Islamic banking and digital innovation to make a difference in the Islamic financial services market whose volume exceeded USD 1.7 trillion in value.”, he added.

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