March 27, 2023
Pakistan Technology

Pak Suzuki’s Alto Sales Plummet in Response to Auto Industry Woes

The automobile industry is currently facing a severe slump resulting in a steep decline in car sales. Among the automakers affected by these irregularities, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) seems to have suffered the most, with only 44 units of the Alto sold last month. This is in stark contrast to December 2022, when the company sold 3,864 units of Alto. PSMC has been selling approximately 5,000 Altos every month for the past 18 months.

PSMC had to observe multiple non-production days (NPDs) in the past few months, which negatively impacted the sales of all its cars. In January, the company’s Wagon R was the best-selling car, with only 671 units sold. Overall, PSMC sold only 2,946 units last month, recording a Month over Month (MoM) sales decline of 74% compared to January.

Given the recent hike in car and fuel prices, as well as production cuts, it is likely that this downward trend in sales will continue. It is a challenging time for the automobile industry, and the sales data for PSMC reflects the ongoing struggles in the market.

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