March 24, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Pakistan Finance Minister Says Allah Responsible For Country’s Prosperity

Pakistan finance minister Ishaq Dar’s recent comments on the country’s development have drawn flak from different quarters as the country grapples with an economic crisis. Dar, who was addressing an event in Pakistan, said his country was created in the name of Islam and that it is the responsibility of Allah to make it prosperous.  

The senior Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader said that he had full faith that Pakistan would progress because it was created in the name of Islam. The comment comes at a time when Pakistan’s weekly inflation has surpassed 31 per cent, onion prices have surged by more than 500 per cent and rates on rice, pulses and wheat are up almost 50 per cent. 

The minister said that Pakistan’s progress is “Allah ke zimme”, which means that the country’s prosperity is god’s responsibility.  

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