September 23, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Pakistan has proceeded towards bankruptcy declarations made by Khawaja Asif

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz aging administrator and Defence Minister Khawaja Asif contended on Saturday that Pakistan has already defaulted and we are living in a bankrupt government.

The federal minister brought in these statements while dealing with a ceremony in his hometown Sialkot.

“You may have heard many people talking that Pakistan will go default or a meltdown will take place, but I want to say that Pakistan is not defaulting, it has already happened and we have to stand on our feet,” declared Asif.

While presenting an explanation to lecture financial sufferings, Khawaja Asif distant declared that golf clubs were assembled on 1500 acres of administration ground and Pakistan can reimburse off a quarter of its deficit by peddling two of its golf clubs.

The defence further declared that the explanation to all difficulties exists in the country but we are glancing towards International Monetary Fund.

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