March 30, 2023
Banking Pakistan

Pakistan Heading Towards A Full Monetary Breakdown.

The financial emergency seems to have penetrated a crucial stage in Pakistan is the cash crunch is quick pinching the reserve chains of everyday consumables with the eventual breakdown staring in the face.

The financial policy makers have squandered precious time giving rise to conjecturing that something more than economic considerations are involved in the crisis and that their resolution has become the main bone of contention.

Though it is not clear what such considerations could be but they are crucial enough to sustain the ongoing crisis and many analysts believe that unless a satisfactory settlement emerges the chances of the resolution of the issues are remote.

It is very surprising to observe that despite issuing statements of support by friendly countries and global financial institutions no concrete steps are visible aimed at ameliorating the fast approaching economic meltdown. It appears that the institutions and personnel given the responsibility of managing national economy are virtually paralysed and could not do anything to mount an appropriate rescue effort.

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