March 30, 2023
Economy Pakistan

Pakistan PM Addresses Economic and Security Challenges in Apex Committee Meeting

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, stated that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was making it difficult for the country to unlock a $1 billion loan when the country’s economy is in a dire state. In 2019, Pakistan received a $6 billion bailout from the IMF, which was increased by another $1 billion the following year.

An IMF delegation is currently in Pakistan to restart talks regarding the release of the $1 billion loan, but reports suggest that there are disagreements between the two sides over crucial issues such as power sector reforms and taxation measures.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister addressed the Apex Committee in Peshawar after a recent suicide attack in the city. The meeting was attended by the chief of army staff, the chief ministers of all provinces, and other senior officials.

The Prime Minister announced compensation for the victims of the attack, which claimed 101 lives, mostly police personnel. He called for unity and for the provinces and the government to put aside their differences to tackle terrorism. The Prime Minister also called for an all-party conference on February 7 to address the country’s challenges, including terrorism and the economic crisis.

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