September 14, 2023
Finance Pakistan

Pakistan Will Overcome Financial Emergency Says Dawood

Former adviser for commerce and acquisition to PM and overseeing businessman Abdul Razak Dawood has conveyed optimism that the nation would move toward persisting tricky financial problem.

“No suspicion the government is confronting tough financial problem, but I am favorable that we would come out of the recent phase. Nonetheless, definite time frame could not be provided.” Dawood governed out any likelihood that the nation would bankrupt. 

Regarding Bilquis & Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation, he declared this is a mortal-development ambition, established by him and his wife Bilquis Dawood. 

Around this basis, we are funding gifted Pakistani sportspersons. “We wish to provide for the publicity of sports,” he declared.

According to him, BARD Foundation holds up a profound imagination to facilitate and facilitate regional athletes and sportspersons in decree to accentuate their aptitude and genuine possibility across the earth. The foundation has the imagination to facilitate the Pakistani youth in different expert or specialized areas by facilitating these winners to learn additional mastery, receive better chances, and the sort of distinction required to contend internationally.

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