September 13, 2023
Economy Pakistan

Pakistani Passport Applicants Beware: Delays Double Delivery Time

Passport applicants are facing unprecedented delays in obtaining this essential travel document. A surge in the number of passport applications has resulted in a delay of more than double the usual delivery time of passports, according to sources. This means that many travelers who had planned trips abroad are now stranded without their passports.

The normal and urgent delivery times for passports have been increased to 7 days and 21 days, respectively, due to the significant increase in passport applications. In addition, the delivery time for a fast-track passport has been changed to 4 days. These delays are causing inconvenience and frustration for travelers who need their passports urgently for work or personal reasons.

The series of messages related to various stages of passport processing that were sent to applicants’ mobile phones have also been delayed. Two messages were automatically generated through the text message system on the applicants’ mobile phones. The first text message is related to the completion of the passport processing upon collection and receipt for printing. The second message is related to the printing of the passport and the date of delivery to the relevant office. Due to the delay in messages, applicants have been deprived of critical information regarding their passport processing.

The long delays in obtaining passports are not only causing frustration for individuals but also have broader economic consequences. Travel and tourism are significant contributors to many countries’ economies, and delays in obtaining passports can discourage people from traveling, leading to economic losses for the tourism industry.

To alleviate the delays in passport processing, governments should consider increasing staffing levels and improving technology to streamline the application and processing of passports. It is also crucial that travelers check their passport expiration dates well in advance of any planned travel and apply for a new passport well ahead of their intended departure date to avoid any last-minute complications.

In conclusion, the significant increase in passport applications has caused unprecedented delays in obtaining this essential travel document. The delays are causing inconvenience and frustration for travelers and have broader economic consequences. Governments should take action to address the issue and improve the passport application and processing system to ensure that travelers can obtain their passports in a timely and efficient manner.

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