September 9, 2023
Pakistan Technology

Pakistan’s Federal Government Revives Laptop Scheme for University Students with Rs 10 Billion Budget

Govt laptop scheme

The Federal Government of Pakistan has announced that they have decided to relaunch the laptop scheme for University students with a budget of Rs10 Billion. The announcement was made by the Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal, while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad a few days back.

Laptop Distribution: The federal minister said that under this scheme, one hundred thousand laptops will be provided to the students in order to uplift the tech spirit in the growing IT sector of Pakistan. Ahsan Iqbal noted that the National Bank of Pakistan (NBA) has also been asked to develop laptop leasing products so that every university student has access to an affordable laptop.

IT Sector in Pakistan: The planning minister further said that given the size of the young population, Pakistan can turn Information Technology into one of its competitive advantages. Pakistan has about 60% of the population in the age bracket of 15-29 age out of its 220 Million population. And the youth of Pakistan has shown enormous interest and growth in the IT field in the last 5-6 years and the local industry has seen ever-increasing growth.

Earlier Announcement: Earlier in December 2022, SAPM on Youth Affairs Shaza Fatima Khawaja announced that the federal government has decided to restore Prime Minister Laptop Scheme and other various schemes under Prime Minister’s Youth Program (PMYP).

Details of Laptop Scheme: The SAPM said that the government would distribute 100,000 laptops amongst deserving students this year under the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme program. Sharing details regarding the laptop scheme, she said: “There will be a 50 percent share of women while transgender will also be accommodated. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will soon launch this scheme.”

Skills Development Program: Under the Skills Development Program, the Special Assistant said over 100,000 youth will be provided with training in different fields with a special focus on IT.


The reviving of the laptop scheme by the Federal Government of Pakistan is a step towards uplifting the IT sector in the country and providing opportunities for the youth to excel in their field of study and career. The allocation of a budget of Rs 10 billion for the scheme shows the government’s commitment to promoting education and technology in the country.

The laptop leasing program, as well as the inclusion of women and transgender students, will ensure that the scheme is inclusive and accessible for all deserving students. The Skills Development Program, with a focus on IT, will also provide training and opportunities for the youth to acquire necessary skills for the job market. The overall effort of the government to revive the laptop scheme and other youth programs is a positive step towards the development of Pakistan’s human capital and economic growth.

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