September 23, 2023
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Pakistan’s Internet Performance in 2022: Who Comes Out on Top?

Pakistan's Internet Performance in 2022: Who Comes Out on Top?

Ookla, the creators of Speedtest, has recently released a report on internet performance in Pakistan for the Q4 of 2022. The report ranks all mobile phone and broadband internet service providers in terms of their internet speed, consistency and latency. This report can be particularly helpful for those trying to figure out the best internet service providers in the country.

Best Mobile Internet Provider:
Ookla has divided and ranked mobile internet providers based on three performance categories: download speed, consistency and latency.

Fastest Download Speed on Mobile Internet:
The download speed chart was topped by Jazz, which delivered the fastest download speed in the Q4 of 2022 with a median download speed of 20.84 Mbps. Zong was runner-up on the list with a median download speed of 13.99 Mbps. Ufone and Telenor stood third and fourth with median download speeds of 11.26 Mbps and 5.13 Mbps respectively.

Best Consistency on Mobile Internet:
Consistency, which is another crucial factor for internet speed, was also topped by Jazz with a consistency score of 82.8%. Zong stood second with around 72.5% consistency, and Ufone stood third with 69% consistency. Telenor was far behind in consistency and had a consistency score of 45.1%.

Best Multi-Server Latency in Mobile Internet:
In the multi-server latency factor, Zong stood at the first position with a latency of just 46ms. Ufone was the runner up with a latency of 54ms, while Telenor stood third with a latency of 58ms. Jazz, which was the winner in the first two categories, stood last with a latency of 59ms.

Best Broadband Internet Provider:
The broadband internet provider list was also divided and graded on similar metrics.

Fastest Download Speed on Broadband Internet:
Transworld dominated download speed results in Q4 of 2022 with a median download speed of around 17.89 Mbps. Connect Communications stood second with a 14.07 Mbps download speed, and Cybernet stood third with 12.84 Mbps. Nayatel and Wateen stood fourth and fifth with download speeds of 11.35 Mbps and 9.57 Mbps respectively.

Best Consistency on Broadband Internet:
Just like download speeds, Transworld also dominated internet consistency with a consistency score of 38.4%. Wateen was the runner-up with 25.1% consistency, and Connect Communications stood third with 23.9%. Nayatel and Cybernet stood fourth and fifth with a consistency score of 20% and 16.6% respectively.

Best Multi-Server Latency in Broadband Internet:
Results of the multi-server latency turned out quite different. Nayatel and Cybernet tied for first place with a latency of 11ms. Connect Communication took the third position with 12ms, whereas Transworld and Wateen stood fourth and fifth with a latency of 26ms and 29ms respectively.

Overall, the Ookla report provides valuable information for consumers looking to choose the best internet service provider in Pakistan. It is important to consider all factors such as download speed, consistency, and latency when making a decision. The report shows that Jazz and Transworld are the top performers in mobile and broadband internet providers respectively. However, it is important to keep in mind that internet service providers can change their performance over time, so it is always a good idea to check for updated information before making a decision.

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