September 18, 2023
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PIA Earns Over 2 Billion After Partnership With Turkish Airlines

According to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the company has increased its revenue by over Rs 2 billion after its partnership with Turkish Airlines. The partnership, which began collaborative flight operations from Pakistan’s Lahore and Islamabad airports to Turkey, has resulted in the sale of around 38,000 tickets for the Lahore/Islamabad to Istanbul route in just one month.

This increase in revenue is a much-needed boost for the state-run airline, which has been struggling financially in recent years. The partnership with Turkish Airlines is part of PIA’s efforts to turn around its business and return to profitability.

PIA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Muhammad Hammad Azhar, said the partnership has been a “win-win” for both airlines. He added that the increase in revenue is a result of the synergies between the two airlines and their commitment to providing the best possible experience to their customers.

 Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s leading airlines and the partnership with PIA will provide Pakistani passengers with access to a wider array of international destinations. This is a huge benefit for Pakistanis who often travel via Dubai or Abu Dhabi to reach their final destination.

 The partnership between PIA and Turkish Airlines is part of the latter’s expansion in the Pakistani market. Turkish Airlines currently offers 14 weekly flights to Pakistan, and this number is set to increase to 21 by the end of 2020.

This expansion is in line with the airline’s wider growth strategy, which includes plans to increase its number of destinations to 300 by the year 2023.

PIA is not the only airline to have benefited from increased demand for flights to Turkey. Other Pakistani airlines, such as Airblue and Shaheen Air, have also seen a significant increase in the number of passengers flying to Turkey since the start of the year.

The increase in demand for flights to Turkey is being driven by the growing popularity of Turkey as a tourist destination amongst Pakistani travelers. Turkey offers many attractions, from its stunning natural scenery to its rich history and culture.

There are also a number of direct flights available from Pakistan to Turkey, which makes it a convenient destination for Pakistani travelers.

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