September 24, 2023
Economy Pakistan

Poland-Pakistan Bilateral Relations Strengthened

Ambassador Maciej Pisarski, the representative of Poland in Pakistan, announced that the bilateral trade between the two nations has reached over €723 million. The two countries are now exploring more opportunities for trade and investment, particularly in the areas of information technology, food processing, and agriculture.

He further noted that due to the GSP Plus trade mechanism, which granted Pakistani exports privileged access to the European market, Pakistan has been able to significantly increase its exports to Poland, resulting in a large trade deficit for the latter.

The Ambassador emphasized the importance of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and Pakistan. Over the past six decades, the two nations have strengthened their economic cooperation, political and military dialogue, and people-to-people relationships.

In terms of educational cooperation, Ambassador Pisarski stressed the need for partnerships between universities in both countries to identify talented and skilled students in science and technology, higher education, and other fields, in order to enhance educational cooperation and foster stronger people-to-people relationships.

The Ambassador also highlighted Poland’s involvement in gas exploration in Pakistan, with Polish oil and gas companies having invested millions of dollars over the past 25 years. He mentioned that these companies are willing to invest more in this field and that the gas being explored by them is sold to local consumers in Pakistan, making it a significant aspect of Poland’s economic cooperation with the country.

Finally, the Ambassador emphasized the priority of his mission to improve parliamentary diplomacy, business opportunities, and cooperation in economic and defense sectors, as well as enhancing people-to-people exchanges and information and renewable technologies. In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, he stated that Poland supports Ukraine’s right to defend itself and is providing multifaceted support and humanitarian assistance to the country.

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