September 14, 2023
Pakistan Technology

Punjab Police Adopts Modern Technology for Citizen Services and Crime Control

Punjab Police Adopts Modern Technology for Citizen Services and Crime Control

The Inspector General of Police for Punjab, Aamir Zulfiqar Khan, has recently directed the department to modernize its policing methods, with a focus on providing services to citizens and using technology to combat crime. He emphasized the need for effective use of information technology to minimize the need for citizens to visit police offices repeatedly and to resolve police-related matters through online platforms.

In response, the district police of Bahawalpur have begun registering workers in the informal sector through smart policing and an online system. They have already registered over 300 employees of private institutions and are encouraging citizens to register any informal workers they employ.

IG Khan also stated that all of the Punjab Police’s various citizen services should be consolidated into a single app, which should be continually updated based on feedback from citizens. He emphasized the importance of the Police Khidmat Markaz project and urged for its efficiency to be improved through effective supervision and support for citizens who contact the police through WhatsApp.

In addition, the IG emphasized the importance of the Complaint Management System in ensuring timely resolution of complaints. These directives were given during a meeting on IT projects at the Central Police Office, during which DIG IT Ahsan Younis gave a briefing on the public service delivery projects and discussed the ways that internal police work is being upgraded with modern technology. The meeting was attended by staff officers from the IT branch.

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